Hello, my name is Lauren. I can usually be found curled up on a sofa with my cat, in a house next to a field. in the middle of nowhere. (Eating).

I am a bit of a creative mongrel, with interests in graphic design, fine art, illustration, crafts, photography and film-making. I am also a keen gamer, mainly on Xbox360. I am currently starting a new journey to become a primary school teacher.


three things i am good at

sleeping anywhere, any time
making brownies*

three things i am bad at should not be allowed to do

play competitive games (namely snap)
run (under any circumstance)
drive a go-kart

* (eating brownies)

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I like this blog – got here through Cerlebrity scraps – pay a visit to my blog I think you will like it I’m a film maker snd its about my latest project

Comment by angelsstandcorrected

i think you are swell. i am swell too. let’s get together and be swell. together. 🙂

Comment by peeeeeeeeeet

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