Twentea Six
July 22, 2011, 11:28 am
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One of the best things about having time on your hands is being able to work on something until your friends wonder if there really is something wrong with you. In celebration of turning 26 I decided to have a little tea party, which was a perfect excuse to show off my new-found baking and sewing ‘skills’. We also had the excitement of having twenty six types of tea to sample. I sewed bunting and a tablecloth, made sandwiches, and baked cookies and cupcakes. The teacups were salvaged from various charity and vintage shops in neighbouring towns. Croquet and Boules and tiny dogs ensued. It was WILD.

Weekend in Polperro
July 14, 2011, 9:47 am
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Last weekend a friend and I travelled down to the sleepy Cornish harbour of Polperro, in search of the Ring a good old fashioned English adventure. We certainly did find that, plus cream teas, wild horses, friendly locals, friendly cattle and great food (as long as you ordered by 8.30pm latest!). A selection of photos from the trip below:








All photos taken by myself, apart from the image of the horses, and me and the cow, which were taken by Meg Grogan.

Review: Just Cause 2 (Xbox 360)

A few weeks ago I found myself in desperate need of fresh video game distraction. I am currently in a situation that can only be described as ‘surviving’, whilst I endure the painful wait for either Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, or Nintendo’s Skyward Sword to be released. There is only so much Plants vs. Zombies I can play before my long-suffering boyfriend ditches me, and the intense disappointment that is Fable 3 resurfaces and sets me back even further. Yes, I am a melodramatic gamer.

However, like angels from heaven a missile from a Havoc helicopter, Just Cause 2 landed on my lap. The game is set on the fictional island of Panau, in southeast Asia. You play Rico Rodriguez, whose mission is to overthrow the evil dictator Pandak “Baby” Panay and confront his former mentor, Tom Sheldon.

I can tell you that I have spent over 100 hours on this game and I am still not sure whether I am bored of – forgive my language – blowing shit up. You see, whilst this game is loosely based on a storyline, it is an easy thing to forget whilst you are grappling onto a passing jet whilst remotely triggering explosives that you just planted on twelve fuel depots, four antennas, seven turbines and a military Colonel’s face, before taking command of the jet flying it to the nearest oil rig, aiming it straight for the middle and leaping out shortly before impact, parachuting down to the nearest speed boat and powering off to safety. Wait, I’ve forgotten what my point was.

Yes the story line is fun too if you are that way inclined, but there is plenty of time for that. The game covers a whopping 400 square miles of desert, mountain, forest, grassland and sea. It is truly open-world, and I adore a proper open-world, free roaming game.

The characters that you encounter are charming (if not sometimes bordering on the ridiculous), the vehicles are numerous and fun, and I came across surprisingly few bugs or glitches whilst playing.

There isn’t much more to say about it really – it’s not the sort of game that asks to be picked apart and analysed. It is just pure, simple fun. Whether playing a marathon session or dropping in when you’ve had a stressful day for some rocket launcher relief, it’s easy to pick up and very, very difficult to achieve 100% completion. How long you find it enjoyable for is down to the individual, as it can get a little ‘samey’ after a while. For normal people, this may happen after 20 or 30 hours. If you suffer from mild OCD, like myself, you may not get that feeling until 120 hours in.

So, should the UK fall into the hands of a crazed dictator, rest assured I have the situation fully under control. I will be adding this skill to my CV right under ‘zombie take-over expert’ and ‘nuclear apolalypse consultant’.

Gamers shall inherit the Earth.

Game, set and cookie batch
July 7, 2011, 11:01 am
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I had the pleasure of attending Wimbledon this year, knowing next to nothing about the sport. I only realised how little I knew about it when my tennis-obsessed American friend looked at me like I was crazy when I asked “is the ‘you cannot be serious’ guy in the tournament this year?”. Yeah. Luckily we had a six and a half hour queue to iron out the basics.

But what I definitely DO know about is cookies, and Wimbledon was an excellent excuse to bake. I decided to make Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies – probably my favorite thing to bake as they are packed with sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds which officially makes the healthy. That’s right, you can eat twenty of these bad boys and not only will you lose weight, you’ll have a firmer and more attractive body too*!

*claim may not be supported by medical fact.