like a nocturnal winter magpie

Bookmarks are getting full… I think it’s time to ditch some of it onto idreamelectric. Starting with Craig Ward‘s ‘You Blow Me Away’. I spent some time contemplating how this was done, but eventually came to the conclusion, who cares? Let’s just drink Valpolicella and stare at it for a while:

Noriko Ambe’s ‘Cutting Book Series’. You know the the deal here… Books + Scalpel = ace… ness. It’s simple idreamelectric maths:

More books… Chris Cobb has catergorised an entire library by colour. I can’t even begin to describe what that does to me. There is nothing wrong in this whole wide world:

Lastly, this man travels to interesting places, sets his camera timer to two seconds, and sees how far he can run in that time. Nothing more to say about that really:

Feel much better now.