Illuminating Hadrian’s Wall

A few weeks ago I came across a very interesting article on BBC News, about grand plans to illuminate the 84-mile length of Hadrian’s Wall, to mark 1600 years since the fall of the Roman Empire. Now, having a slight obsession with lights, and having read that they were looking for 500 volunteers, I of course jumped at the chance to take part. Yesterday, after a long period of hearing nothing and accepting I’d have to watch it on TV, I finally got word that I was accepted on the project. Apparently the delay was because they received a very unexpected 4000 applications, so I’m feeling very appreciative to have been selected.

So on 13th of March me and Miles Westwood are cruising up North to Solway, to stand in a field for several hours in the wind and the rain and the cold, all in the name of History (which ironically enough is a subject I hated enough to fail at school). It will all be filmed by helicopter for the telly, so I will be sure to shout profanities wave as it flies by.